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Various products of Industrial Grade Melamine, providing product images and basic parameters with each Industrial Grade Melamine and Industrial Grade Melamine ( C3H6N6); We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Industrial Grade Melamine, and look forward to your cooperation!

Industrial Grade Melamine

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    Good Quality Exporter Propylene Glycol 99.5%

    China Exporter Industrial Grade Propylene Glycol 99.5% CAS NO.: 57-55-6 Molecular formula: C3H802 Structural Formula: Appearance: colorless transparent liquid Density (d420): 1.0381 Melting point: - 60 °C Boiling point: 187 °C (0.1 Mpa) Flash point: 12 °C (open) Viscosity(20 °C): 60 5 mPa · s So...
    Min. Order:17.5

Industrial Grade Melamine

China Industrial Grade Melamine supplier, offer high-quality Industrial Grade Melamine ( C3H6N6),White Powder 99.8% Melamine,High Pure Melamine, for you to choose.
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